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Fes – Fez El Bali Travel Guide – The Symbolic Heart Of Morocco

Fes – Fez el Bali Morocco is the ‘symbolic heart’ of Morocco – it's intellectual, historical and spiritual capital. As you wander through its labyrinthine shady streets, exotic smells of mint and spices waft through the air, dappled light falls on the whitewashed, crumbling grandeur of the old city and you can feel the tangible mystery and intrigue of this, the oldest of the four imperial cities.

Fes – Fez el Bali Travel Guide – The Symbolic Heart Of Morocco

Unlike many walled cities, Old Fes hasn’t burst its banks, and its gates and walls remain intact. The population has expanded out of the city, flowing towards the south-west and arching towards the hillsides that stretch north and south of the new city. The towering Medersa Bou Inania, a theological college built in 1350, dominates the old city in the Fez River’s fertile basin. The medina of Fes – Fez el Bali Morocco (Old Fes) is one of the largest living and working medieval cities in the world. Consisting of the ‘traditional seven elements’, mosques, Medersas (Koranic schools), souks (markets), Fondouks (lodging and trading houses), fountains, a hammam (steam bath) and a bakery, it is a bustling combination of city, museum, and workshop that has changed very little with the passing of time. The streets in Fes – Fez el Bali Morocco are filled with artisans creating and selling their wares using traditional techniques. You can see baby-soft leathers being tanned, the sun glinting off copper pots as they are being soldered, brass plates being engraved, colorful ceramics and embroidery, cedar, woodwork, and carpets being hawked in hoarse voices that echo in the many courtyards. One of the experiences that cannot be missed is a stop into a Morrocan carpet shop. There you will be piled with mint tea and shown hundreds of stunning, intricately woven rugs selling for a fraction of the price that you would pay in a department store for one of inferior quality.

Galerie de Fes – Fez El Bali Travel Guide – The Symbolic Heart Of Morocco

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