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Visit Volubilis Morocco – Enjoy Over 30 Nearly Perfect Mosaics

The Roman ruins of Volubilis Morocco, stretching out across 40 ha (100 acres), are the most well-preserved ruins in Morocco and well worth a visit. Located between Rabat and Fez near the Moroccan town of Meknes, Volubilis served as a central Roman administrative city in the third century BC. Visit Volubilis Morocco Built on top of a Carthaginian city, Volubilis Morocco, unlike most Roman outposts, was not abandoned after the Romans lost North Africa to the Arabs. The city remained inhabited until the eighteenth century when it was largely demolished to provide building materials for the palaces of Moulay Ismail in nearby Meknes. Although much of the Roman architecture, largely dating back to 217 AD, was lost, there are still some well-preserved columns, a basilica, a triumphal arch, and c.30 high-quality mosaics. The Victory Arch, built in honor of the emperor Caracalla, formerly had a bronze chariot on top of its ancient stones. Facing proudly outwards towards the main entry route to the Volubilis Morocco city, it was restored in 1962. The Capitol, located on a headland towering over the arid plain, faces the basilica. Nearby is also the house of Ephebe, providing shelter for one of the remarkable mosaics, this one, in particular, depicting Bacchus on his chariot. Also to be enjoyed is the mosaic showing the myth of Orpheus and Amphitrite’s Chariot located in the home of a rich merchant. It is truly a pleasure to witness such beautifully well-preserved artwork, whether or not you’re an art history buff. Volubilis Morocco Known For The best-preserved Roman ruins in Morocco, especially the mosaics. Best Time To Visit Volubilis Morocco Sunset, when the shadows on the monuments grow longer and you will have the place to yourself. Where Is Volubilis Morocco Near Meknes, between Rabat and Fez. What To See In Volubilis Morocco Over 30 nearly perfect mosaics. Source: Wikipedia

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